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About Bunting

When I started to practice the craft of guitar making, I had a question in mind: Why the world needs another guitar brand and what can I tribute to this amazing guitar and music world? I know, it’s a bit too deep and philosophic, but I did looked for a meaning to my work, beyond the love for guitars and the craft. This question kept floating in my thoughts for years, and over time the answer became simple and clear. It’s all about connecting with people, interacting with players and take a small humble part in our music culture.

Bunting has started in 2013 at my parents garage and evolved over the years with the help of some great and talented people that took part in the growth of this brand.

Eitan Azulay, Guy Shapira, Tai Villeval, Stav Eskenazi, Udi Razmovich, Shahar Bergman and many more that I’m prude to call my friends. It’s a great opportunity to thank each one of you friends, for your contribute and support though this dream journey and helping to shape Bunting into what it is today and still evolve every day.

The growing Bunting community of players, you are the fuel for this journey! I thank you for your trust in choosing Bunting for your beloved instrument. 

I'm excited for all that lies ahead at Bunting.



Yaniv Loria

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