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The Willow is a semi-hollow, short-scale guitar with a solid Spruce top, designed to capture the classic 50’s rock 'n' roll tones while offering something extra. Its thin solid wood top and back contribute to a rich, woody sound full of overtones, enhancing its interaction with your amp and body. With rounded highs and clear, punchy bass, it adds musical feedback to your playing.

The Willow underwent extensive development. The initial prototype was crafted in my first year of guitar making, but its current design emerged after years of testing and refinement. Over time, I experimented with different tone woods, sizes, structures, braces, pickups, and bridge materials, each contributing to its overall resonance and tone.

The challenge was to design a small semi-hollow guitar that would sound big and rich in overtones. What drew me to this design was the combination of electric guitar tone with acoustic response. Inspired by classics like the Harmony Jupiter and Duo Jet, I aimed to create my own interpretation of these iconic designs.

  • Spanish Cedar body

  • European Spruce top

  • Bosnian Maple neck

  • Righteous Sound pickups

  • Bunting tailpiece

  • Tru-Arc saddle

Willow Variants 


A Tru Semi Hollow

The Willow is all about acoustic resonance in an electric guitar. Solid braced European Spruce top over Spanish Cedar are a big part of this unique instrument, it is not what you expect from a big body hollow guitar. It’s a semi hollow guitar with the comfort of a solid body.

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