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Melody Queen

$3,600 - $3,850

The Melody has earned the title of queen among Bunting players over the years. This original solid offset design incorporates several improvements over vintage models. The high heel of the neck, combined with the Belrok bridge and Decedent vibrato, enhances sustain, livens bass response, and improves overall attack and string consistency.

Instead of the traditional "rhythm circuit," the Melody Queen features the "Beef & Cream" circuit. These switches add versatility, catering to various genres from Shoegaze to Post-rock to Jazz and everything in between. Essentially, they include a series-parallel switch and a tone filter switch.

What distinguishes the Melody Queen in the offset world is the choice of tonewoods. With a Bosnian Maple neck and European Spruce body, it's a lightweight guitar that resonates beautifully in your hands and through the amp.

  • European Spruce body

  • Bosnian Maple neck

  • Righteous Sound pickups

  • Belrok bridge / Mastery

  • Descendant vibrato 

Melody Queen Variants 





MQ Classic T




Versatile yet Simple

The Melody Queen has a wide-range of tones and players, pick hard or soft, clean or dirty. It will cut when you need with it’s forgiven response, and unique resonance.

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