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Hardware & Pickups

The Belrok offset bridge

My latest project is actually an exciting collaboration with Ran Kazas, a product designer. Belrok is our new brand for guitar bridges, and the first bridge we just introduce (2024) is the offset bridge for the Melody Queen or any other offset style guitars. 


From Belrok website: “The Belrok design optimizes the energy pass to the guitar body, achieving a bright yet complex tone that retains that Jazzmaster quality and character. It delivers a bold bass and treble with scooped mid.

We added a hard wood veneer to our bridge. Yes it looks cool and vintage, but this is not the reason for it. The wood veneer is a tone choice that you can take with your Belrok Offset Bridge, you can chose to use it or swipe it out. Without it you will get the classic bright and ring that you can expect from those classic Jazzmasters. Once you add the veneer, your guitar tone will change to a softer, woody, “vintage” tone. It’s not just the tone. Your guitar will feel open and with a softer response.”

Coming very soon...

Bunting tailpiece 

The willow tailpiece is Bunting original design. All made from stainless steel and has a block to hold the strings for added mass and sustain. The design is after the old Willow headstock design and inspired by the 50’s Duo Jet tailpiece.  

Tru-Arc bridge

The Willow standard bridge is the Tru-Arc, a compensated solid Brass saddle. Tru-Arc is a small high quality bridge brand, focused on hollow body guitar bridges.   

Tru-Arc website

Glendale bridge

Probably the best Tele bridge out there. Made from the vintage current materials, high quality alloys that really effect the guitar tone. I have tried a lot of Tele bridges on my guitars and you can really hear the difference, I always loved Glendale and have been using it for years.

Glendale website

Righteous Sound pickups

Hand wound by Joshua, a talented and well experienced from the guitar and pickups boutique industry. I have tried many boutique pickup brands on my guitars over the years but when I first installed Righteous Sound set of Jazzmasters on Bunting Melody Queen I have experienced something else. Joshua hand wound pickups sound so three demential and complex, fat yet very clear and crisp. For me it’s a Hi-Fi vintage voiced pickups, and that exactly what made them Bunting main pickup choice since 2023.

Righteous Sound website

Wolfetone pickups

Wolfe hand wound pickups are a tru vintage experience to my ears. Wolfe is a well known pickup maker thanks to his great PAF style pickups. But I love all his traditional range: Tele, Start, P-90 and PAF. When I choose to go ‘simple’ and classic on a build those pickups would be a first choice. And I have been using them for years.

Wolfetone website

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