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$3,850 - $4,000

Bunting's latest design. As a guitar maker, I have always designed and built the guitars I wanted for myself, and it’s no surprise to me that I arrived at this model after eight years of guitar making. I have always found the LP hard to connect with, even though I loved its sound in the hands of other players and on albums. Most of it is because of its shape, weight, and balance; I just didn’t enjoy sitting down and play it.


The late 50s LPs' sound is and was a legend and a mystery for players and builders. Homages to this sought-after LP have been made by great and talented builders over the years. When approaching the challenge of building my version of it, I knew that I would do it my way. I love to be inspired by and learn from tradition and classic models, but I prefer to design my own version of it. I believe that we should draw from past knowledge and tradition and connect it to our creation and art.

The Amarok is my take on these great late 50s guitars. The goal was to create a lightweight guitar with a thick body to produce a clear, punchy, and yet fat-sounding guitar tone, with a balanced feel and comfort. The Amarok has its own single-cut design that positions the guitar higher on your lap and makes it very balanced. The choice of tone woods and overall design and build is different from the classic model, but the tone is very much reminiscent of those true vintage guitars.

  • Spanish Cedar body

  • Bosnian Maple top

  • Bosnian Maple neck

  • Wolfetone pickups

  • Pigtail bridge

Amarok Variants 



P-90s (coming soon)


Honor the Tradition

Bunting take on the famous 50's burst guitar tone. The Amarok is all about the LP vintage tone but in the Bunting way. Original single cut design and lightwight non traditional tone woods.

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